Mr. Casimero Llubit of Brgy. Luyo, Dimiao, Bohol is the first elected president of the Kapunongan sa Bol-anong Organikong Maguuma (KBOOM) in the year 2015. Prior to being the president-elect of the association, he’s been into organic farming for almost 30 years. He was straightforward when he said, “During those years, I took organic farming for granted. I knew all along that it’s the only way to achieve sustainable agriculture but it took me quite a while to realize it can also be a promising enterprise.”

From having only 10 chickens, 2 ducks, and 3 native pigs, Mr. Llubit has now 150 heads of native chickens, 31 heads of ducks, and 20 native pigs – all grown naturally. To sustain his animal production and complement his formulated feeds, he planted Talinum and kangkong all over his place. It’s good to note that the plants are not just for the feeds of animals but also for the beautification of his farm. One of the things that encouraged him to this kind of system is the fact that it is cost efficient. It doesn’t require big capital.

He has also mastered vermicast production and became the largest supplier of vermicast in the eastern part of Bohol having an average sales of P10,000.00/week. Being successful on his endeavor, he is humble enough to acknowledge that without the full support of the government, especially the Organic Agriculture Program of DA-RFO 7, he wouldn’t reach this far. The Program provided him technologies through trainings and farm inputs such as power sprayer to help him in his vermicast production.

In this “new normal”, Mr. Llubit has been very proactive in following the safety guidelines especially that his farm is already a TESDA accredited school for NC II on Organic Agriculture.