The Espinosa family doesn’t have much of what rich people have. But they have considered organic farming as their valuable possession.

Residing in Lower Mabuhay, Bansalan, Davao del Sur, the Espinosa’s were conferred as the outstanding organic farming family during the 2017 Regional Organic Agriculture Congress (ROAC) and was shortlisted in the 2017 National Organic Agriculture Congress (NOAC).

Their family is different from conventional farmers because they choose not to use any chemicals on their farm. This means that they never spray their fields with pesticides or any kind of chemical fertilizers. This also means that they never give their animals any non-organic feed.

I have one hectare farmland and all that were planted are pure organic. All our animals were fed using organic base feeds,” Espinosa said.

Organic farming: A legacy

Janilo Espinosa, the head of the family recounted his humble beginnings being an organic advocate.

“When I was l a child, my family is into organic farming and I can remember how we put up our garden. When I marry my wife, I continued my family’s legacy and raise my eight children through organic farming,” Espinosa said.

He added that technicians from the municipal agriculturist office introduced their family to new organic farming technologies that enabled them to identify helpful pests and the harmful pests as well.

He also bared that consuming organic products produced in their farm maintained their family in good shape, “base on our own experience, compared to conventionally grown food, organic food is much richer in nutrients. It enhances the nutrients of the soil which is passed on to the plants and animals,” Espinosa added.

He also urged his fellow farmers to shift into organic farming so they can reduce their production costs, save energy and protect the environment.

Shaping future

Jaina Espinosa, the sixth child of Janilo is thankful for the support given by her parents especially on her studies.

She is currently a graduating student taking Business Administration Major in Finance and Management at the University of Mindanao in Bansalan, Davao del Sur.

“Because of organic farming, my parents raised us and supported us in our educational needs. I am happy that their enthusiasm in organic farming was paid off and we are now recognized as outstanding farming family not only in our province but in the entire Davao region,” she added.

Jello Espinosa, the fourth child said they have equal tasks in their farm. He also thanked her parents for their support on his studies.

“I am very proud of my parents, I will assure them that together with my siblings, we will continue practicing organic farming and we will apply the farming techniques they passed on to us,” he added.

Model family

Myrna Albores, municipal agriculture officer in Bansalan lauded the success of the Espinosa family. She said they became a model family in their municipality.

“The province is very proud of their achievement and other families are now coming to our office and inquire about organic farming technologies”, she added.

Albores also said they are hopeful that the Espinosa family will be given a chance to win in their category on the 2017 NOAC to be held in Cagayan de Oro City. (Che D. Palicte DA-11)