Development of Organic Seed Systems for Semi-temperate crops in Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) (Phase 1)


The project was implemented to established an organic seed production area and develop an organic seed production system for semi-temperate crops. As a result of project implementation, a one-hectare are for organic seed production was established at Buguias Seed farm, Lam-ayan, Buguias, Benguet. The area is slooping and it has not been planted with any commercial crop. Thus the area was cleared from existing vegetation, contour rows were laid out, hedgerows were planted and the land was prepared for planting. Initially, potato, garden pea, strawberry and coffee were planted. Initially, 471 kilograms of organic potato and 20 kg of garden pea seeds were produces. The initial production was quite low due to the time delay in planting, since the area took some time to establish. Thus the initial seeds produced were used in the second cropping for bulking up. Two organic farming practitioners, however, were provided with initial potato seeds of 1,800 pcs each for further multiplication in their organic farms. On strawberry, a total of 810 runners were produced but these were also for further runner production. For coffee, 2000 were planted along the periphery. To date, they are still in their vegetative stage.

Moreover, several see production support facilities were repaired or improved. This includes the water system (dam/reservoir). Storage/working shed, staff cottage, vermicompost facility and office. A 125-square meter plastic house was also constructed for strawberry runner production.

Further, as a result of the verification trials, four potential potato varieties were identified to be promising under organic environment, these are varieties Watwat, Tawid, Signal and Solibao. Oil sprays were also found to be promising for the control of lepidopterous pests on garden pea.

With the initial results and the continuing activities of the project, it is envisioned that organic seed production will be sustained and more organic farming practitioners who will be engaged in seed production.