The Organic Agriculture Program (OAP) has converted 35,786.18 has. out of the 5% targeted agricultural area (35,788 has.) devoted to Organic Agriculture in Region 11. In all organic commodities, OAP produced 3,210.91 MT of Organic Products with 21 market niche/reach destinations, both local and international. To date, Region 11 has eleven (11) third party certified farms/establishment and processors, and a total of 23,189 organic adopters and practitioners. For Institutional Development and Strengthening, there were 4 Provinces, 6 cities and 36 municipalities with Organic Ordinance and a total of 52 Local Technical Committees.

A total of 1,234 beneficiaries received production and technology support. The program delivered 5680 kilograms organic seeds (rice, corn and vegetables); 13,424 Organic Fertilizers and other inputs; 2,448 kilograms of Bio Control Agents; 10 heads of goats were dispersed. There are 8 production facilities maintained, engaged in the promotion of organic inputs and commodities distributed to organic practitioners.

For Extension and Capacity Building/Promotion, Advocacy and Education, disseminated 3,020 IEC materials like brochures and booklets on “Natural na Pamaagi sa Pagpanguma”, Philippine National Standards for Organic Agriculture, Preparation of Organic Fertilizer and Pesticide and “Organikong Pamaagi sa Pag-atiman sa Manok, Baka ug Baboy”. A total of 23 Techno Demo Farms were monitored, comprising of 4 techno demo farms in CVP, 6 sites in Davao Oriental, 5 sites for Davao del Norte, 5 demo farms in Davao del Sur and 3 demo farms in Davao City. There were 1,800 recipients of the trainings conducted by these techno demo farms which include rural women, youth, entrepreneurs, Rural Base Organizations, private sectors, and other organic agri-enthusiasts. The program has also awarded five (5) winners for the five categories during the search for 2016 Regional Organic Agriculture Achievers Awards (Province – Province of Davao del Sur; Provincial Focal Person – Marylou Ll. Jalalon; Municipal Focal Person - Juniorlito Hugue; Agricultural Extension Worker – Marilou N. Runas; Small Farmer (Group) – Lao Integrated Farms Inc.) and sent forty eight (48) participants to the 13th NOAC in Laoag City. The Province of Davao del Sur won the National Organic Achievers’ Award as Most Outstanding Province in Organic Agriculture with a prize of three million pesos (3,000,000.00). Davao Region was also adjudged overall winner of the 1st Organic Slow Food Cook Fest also held during the 13th NOAC. The three (3) winners were representatives from Davao City.

On the marketing development services, the program funded eight (8) local Market promo events and conducted six (6) local Market promo events to showcase organic products. The program also assisted two (2) International Market Promo events and one (1) local market promo events.

Under Agricultural and Fishery Machinery, Equipment, and Facilities Support Services There were twenty-four (24) Farm Production Machineries and Equipment (17 tea brewers and 7 shredders), six (6) Production facilities established (SSCF) and five (5) Postharvest equipment and machineries (5 moisture meters) distributed.