DA-OAP Region IX has worked enthusiastically to cater the needs of organic farmers and practitioners in the entire region. Under production support services (PSS), assorted vegetables seeds, ginger, cacao seedlings, registered rice seeds, OPV Corn seeds, vermicast, bio-control agents like earwigs, metarhizium, trichocards and african night crawlers were distributed to different qualified organic practitioners. Upgraded Carabao and goat were also distributed.

The Organic Agriculture Program of the Department of Agriculture in Region IX has conducted quite a number of activities to promote and to widen appreciation of the organic agriculture program in the region. The turnout of organic adopters in the region is now on a steady climb. Interventions of the program include distribution of seeds, animals, biological control agents, vermicast, vermiworms, machineries and equipment. A total of eight (8) operational techno-demo farms were established. There were three (3) DA research stations maintained as source of seeds and breeding stocks for poultry and livestock. Champion organic commodities in the region include native chicken, cassava, adlay, soybean, calamansi and colored rice. Out of the five (5) Organic Trading Posts, two (2) are operational, catering 2nd party certified organic products. Value-adding is promoted in the region like processing of organic adlay, soybean, cassava and calamansi. As to date, we are on the process of pre-assessing qualified organic practitioners for 3rd party certification subsidy beneficiaries in the region for them to penetrate to bigger markets of certified organic products.