With the active collaboration, partnership and cooperation among organic agriculture stakeholders, the region was able to accomplish numerous activities in support to the attainment of the programs objectives. To date around 23,209 hectares are devoted to organic farming in the region of which almost 5,000 hectares are 3rd party certified, with a total volume of around 67,960mt. Majority of the certified farms are coconut which are processed into cocowater, vinegar and cocosugar followed by pigmented rice being supplied to almost 800 distributors/supermarkets nationwide.

In order to encourage more farmers to convert their farms from traditional into organic, the program was able to distribute 800 kilograms organic rice seeds, 3 kilograms assorted vegetable seeds, 400 kilograms OPV corn seeds, 18 kilograms BIO-N,150 kilograms African Night Crawler and 100,000 kilograms of Organic Fertilizers, benefitting 140, farmers.

Also, distributed 12 composting facilities composed of shredder, tea brewer, mechanical siever, weighing scale and bag closer benefiting 12 organizations regionwide.These interventions may result to almost 300 hectares of areas in convertion.

Distribution of Rice Seeds, Vegetables Seeds, Corn Seeds, Bio-N, African Night Crawler

and Organic Fertilizers

Distributed Composting Facilities

A total of 8 consumer awareness, 18trade fairs and exhibits, fora, congressesand stakeholders consultations were conducted this year in continuous partnership and collaboration with LGUs, NGOs, POs and SUCs benefiting a total of 805 farmers/technicians, students, entrepreneur and OA enthusiast. These resulted to increasing demand for organic products thereby opening new markets for organic.


The 9th Bicol Organic Agriculture Congress,an annual gathering of organic agriculture farmers, practitioners, advocates and supporters was participated in by almost 600participants at Naga City on November 7-8, 2016. The congress was graced by three members of the National Organic Agriculture Board: Fr. Ian Trillanes, parish priest of Lupi, Camarines Sur; Dr. Georgina J. Bordado, president of the Central Bicol State University of Agriculture; and Ms. Josephine Costales, owner of the Costales Nature Farm in Majayjay, Laguna and Ms. Grace Moore as the guest speaker.It features a forum, exhibit, presentation of resolution and recognition of regional winners. The two-day fair generated sales of almost three hundred thousand pesos.


Regional Organic Achievers with exemplary contribution and unwavering support towards the implementation of RA 10068 were awarded. Province of Albay as regional outstanding province. Albay received a project grant worth P500,000. Ligao City – Outstanding City in OA received a project grant worth P300,000; Eleanor O. Daep – Outstanding OA Provincial Focal Person received P25,000 cash award; Dexter A. Mendoza - Outstanding OA city focal person received P20,000 cash award; Benedicto Heraldo - Outstanding OA Extension Worker received P20,000 cash award; Edilberto A. Abad - Outstanding OA individual farmer received P50,000 cash award; Amata family - Outstanding OA farming family received P100,000 project grant; and the Agri-Planters and Food Processors Association of Tigaon

(TAPFPAT) - Outstanding OA group category, received P100,000 funding assistance for their OA projects. All the winners also received a plaque of commendation.

Majority or 75% of the regional entries were national finalists;

1. Province of Albay –Province Category

2. Eleanor Daep –Provincial OA Focal Person Category

3. Dexter Mendoza –City OA Focal Person Category

4. Edilberto Abad –Individual Farmer Category

5. Amata Family – Family Category

6. The Agri-Planters and Food Processors Association of Tigaon (TAPFPAT) –Group Category

The Agri-Planters and Food Processors Association of Tigaon (TAPFPAT) made it as the National winner of the farmers group Category and received a plaque of recognition and a check amounting to P500,000.00 as project grant.


A total of 20 farms were granted the 3rd party certification by the Organic Certification Center of the Philippines (OCCP) and the Certificate of Registration from Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Standards through the certification subsidy of the OA Program.The Agri-Planters and Food Processors Association of Tigaon (TAPFPAT) of Huyon-Huyon, Tigaon, Camarines Sur has 14 farmers while the Goa Agri Producers and Processors Association (GAPPA) of Hiwacloy, Goa, Camarines Sur has 5 farmers and the Lolo Veriong’s Natural Farm of Comadogcadog, Del Gallego, Camarines Sur.Certification Subsidy is an incentive for organic agriculture entities/farmers and organic input producers’ incompliance with the Philippine National Standards on Organic Agriculture.