Region IV-A also known as CaLaBaRZon is composed of 5 provinces namely: Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal and Quezon. It has a total agricultural land area of 588,516 hectares (PSA, 2012). Of the total area, 5% or 29,426 has to be converted into organic farming, as provided by RA 10068. As of December 31, 2016, there are 11,204.21 hectares devoted to organic farming as per report of the LGUs. This is about 38% of the total target area for OA in the region, which is an increase of 6% from last year record.

 For 2016, the program distributed different interventions to Farmer Associations/Organizations and other stakeholders including IPs and Rural Women. Eight hundred eighty eight (888) kilograms of organic rice and assorted vegetable seeds were delivered/distributed to farmer beneficiaries with requests submitted to the agency benefitting ten (10) farmer groups and one hundred ninety seven (197) individual farmers (76 Female and 121 Male). Two hundred forty four thousand nine hundred sixty six (244,966) kilograms of organic fertilizer and other soil ameliorants were also distributed benefitting eight hundred ten (810) farmers (423 Female and 387 Male). Ten (10) heads Carabaos, fifty (50) heads of native swine and goat were distributed as part of the animal dispersal activity of the program.

Distribution of vermicasts  

Goat dispersal

Native Swine

The program also conducted its 2nd Regional Organic Agriculture Congress held at Sta. Cruz, Laguna participated by three hundred eighty (380) individuals (230 Female and 177 Male) from the whole CaLaBaRZon. Achiever’s Awards were given to OA practitioners and partners/implementers during the Congress, to wit: Provincial Focal Person, Outstanding Municipality/City, Outstanding LGU Extension Worker, Outstanding Municipal Focal Person, Outstanding Small Farmer: Individual, Outstanding Small Farmer: Family and Outstanding Small Farmer: Group. No qualified entry for the Provincial Category

Conduct of 2016 ROAC

For the information and dissemination campaign, three thousand (3,000) copies of IEC materials were also distributed.

Ten (10) shredder machines, four (4) multi-tillers, sixty (60) knapsack sprayers, eighteen (18) grass cutters, seven (7) nurseries and two (2) organic fertilizer composting facilities/shed were delivered/distributed/constructed and installed as part of farm mechanization and modernization in the region that benefitted three hundred thirty (330) individuals (134 Female and 196 Male) and thirty five (35) groups. Seven (7) greenhouse and three (3) wood vinegar chamber will be installed on the 1st quarter of 2017.


Distribution of shredder machines

Grass cutter

Multi-tiller machine

Inspection of eleven (11) farms applied for third party certification by NiCert are set on last week of January to first week of February 2017.