The Department of Agriculture-Regional Field Office No. 02 (DA-RFO 02) under the Organic Agriculture (OA) program has collectively nurtured the fertility of the soil, protecting the natural resources and further protects the health of humans while producing chemical–free products for consumption.

To meet the target area set by the National Organic Agriculture Program (NOAP), DA-RFO 02 has to devote/convert 27,411 ha. up to 2017 out of the 550,000 ha. regional agriculture area to be converted into organic farm. As of now, the DA-RFO 02 attained a total of 16,893.5 hectares or 62.5% of the total target area. Different interventions such as Production Support Services (PSS), Extension Support, Education and Training Services (ESETS), Market Development Services (MDS) and Agricultural and Fishery Machinery, Equipment and Facilities Support Services (PAEF) were provided to attain the programs’ goal and target.

The following interventions and services under Production Support Services (PSS) was the seed production and distribution of vegetables, upland rice and OPV corn seeds. The DA-RFO 02 thru its Research Outreach Stations (ROS) actually grow and produced its own plants/seeds to ensure the quality of seeds and produce chemical free seeds. Nueva Vizcaya Experiment Station (DA-NVES) was the first ever Research Station of the Department of Agriculture in the Philippines to be certified as “Organic Farm” by OCCP which is one of the seed production site. DA-RFO 02 thru the Cagayan Valley Integrated Agricultural Laboratory (CVIAL) producer of organic biodewormer now registered at Intellectual Property Office (IPO).

The DA-RFO 02 thru Organic Agriculture Program and Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Division (AMAD) is now operating the first Regional Organic Trading Center (ROTC) located at Nueva Vizcaya Experiment Station (NVES), Bagabag, Nueva Vizcaya. The center does not only serve as trading area for organic products but as learning and training center for agribusiness enterprises for organic agriculture stakeholders.

To showcase various interventions, the DA-RFO 02 had instituted technology demonstration projects in its research centers and experiment stations in five (5) provinces of Cagayan Valley. The office continuously provides financial and technical assistance to cooperatives, associations and individual farmers for them to be more competitive in the production and be advocates of organic farming.

The organic agriculture projects located at DA-Stations serves as learning sites for agriculture students from state colleges and universities including the agricultural extension workers from the Local Government Units (LGUs) and above all the farmers practicing organic agriculture as well.

With these developments and strong support of the stakeholders, Cagayan Valley is serious in attaining its vision as the premier organic agriculture region in the country.

Modestly speaking, DA RFO 02 is consistent in its programs/projects as number one (1) implementer on the yearly targets from 2011-2016 especially on financial accomplishments. Project funds are allocated by Major Final Outputs (MFO’s) in the form of project proposals. With these accomplishments DA RFO 02 through its Regional Organic Agriculture Focal Person was awarded as Outstanding Organic Agriculture Focal Person in the country due to its successful implementation of organic agriculture projects. This was awarded during the 13th National Organic Agriculture Congress held at Plaza del Norte, Laoag City, Ilocos Norte last November 23, 2016.