MFO 2.1 Production Support Services

Delivery and distribution of organic interventions is continuous as support to our organic practitioners in region 1. We have distributed two thousand four hundred (2,400) kilograms or 96 bags of Open pollinated variety (OPV) corn seeds and two thousand (2,000) kilograms or 50 bags of red rice seeds with 296 female-beneficiaries and 444 male-beneficiaries. For cassava cuttings (planting materials), we have distributed twenty thousand (20,000) cuttings exceeded from our targets of fifteen thousand (15,000) cuttings from Pangasinan Research and Experiment Center (PREC) – Sual Station, Pangasinan with 6 female-beneficiaries.

For organic livestock production, we have awarded two hundred (200) heads for 13 farmers associations and awarded five hundred sixty (560) heads with 29 farmers group benefitted. Fertilizers and other soil ameliorants were distributed to individual and farmers group. The Organic Agriculture Staff distributed seventy thousand (70,000) kilograms or 1,400 bags of vermicompost, one thousand (1,000) kilograms of African Night Crawlers (ANC), and thirty thousand (30,000) kilograms of molasses for 34 farmers’ group. Further, six (6) bee colonies were awarded to group of farmer beneficiaries out of the four (4) colonies we have targeted this year due to savings from the procurement. There were 750 female-beneficiaries and 1,125 male-beneficiaries provided with these services.

Other production facilities were maintained such as Organic Agriculture Research and Development Center based at Pangasinan Research and Experiment Center-Sual, Pangasinan and Regional Crop Protection Center.

MFO 2.2 Market Development Services

For market-related events, we subsidized 2 stall rentals for 2 groups of farmers beneficiaries in CSI San Fernando City, La Union and CSI Dagupan City, Pangasinan for the display and sell of organic products. We have conducted four (4) consumer awareness seminars on Organic Agriculture Program and Technologies. Also, Regional Organic Trade Fair was facilitated and conducted at Robinson Mall, San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte. For CY 2016, the amount of sales generated from the market-related events is Two Million Three Hundred Eighteen Thousand and Six Hundred Ninety Pesos (PhP2, 318,690.00) where the value of marketing agreements consummated is Seven Hundred Three Thousand Pesos (PhP703, 000.00). We have accomplished eight (8) metric tons for volume of marketing agreements consummated. Likewise, some of the practitioners sold their products to their local market with higher profitability, thus, the expected volume of marketing agreements was not totally realized. Moreover, there were 12 groups of farmers provided with market services.

MFO 2.3 Extension Support, Education and Training Services (ESETS)

We successfully conducted the 13th National Organic Agriculture Congress in Laoag City, Ilocos Norte on November 23-25, 2016 through the unconditional support of the Department of Agriculture - Regional Field Office I family, Local Government Units, Non-Government Organizations, Non-Government Agencies, National Organic Agriculture Program and the National Organic Agriculture Board.

The Department of Agriculture - Regional Field Office I through the Organic Agriculture Program, continuously promoting and implementing the Republic Act 10068 by conducting seminars, meetings and trainings in the region. Consultation and conferences are the most popular and socially acceptable ways of presenting accomplishment, issues and concerns as well as solutions and recommendations to interrelated gaps that may arise from direct point of view of the Organic Agriculture Stakeholders.

We have facilitated and conducted various consultation-dialogues, trainings and seminars with Organic Agriculture Stakeholders that includes Farmers, Local Government Units, Indigenous People, Parolees, Probationers, Students, Senior Citizens with Gender and Development sensitivity. We conducted 25 consultation and 4 seminars on organic agriculture and accomplished 20 technical briefing cum hands on training on organic agriculture technologies.

Information dissemination through advertisement/radio programs and TV plugs/jingle is continuous and even 5,000 copies of printed materials were disseminated. There were Three Thousand Seven Hundred Ninety Two (3,792) farmers-beneficiaries from these services.

MFO 5 Agriculture and Fisheries Machinery, Equipment and Facilities Support Services

There were thirty four (34) farmers’ group benefitted from the production facilities and 25 farmers’ group were provided with post-harvest facilities and equipment wherein some of them were provided with more than equipment based on their needs.

We have distributed 15 units of hand tractors, 2 units of four-wheel tractors, 15 units of vermi tea brewers, 8 units of vacuum sealers, 8 units of pinawa rice mill, 4 units of coffee pulper and 4 units of coffee huller and 15 units of cacao fermentation boxes. Likewise, we have facilitated the construction of 2 units of nurseries given to Organic Demo and Training Farm in Alaminos City and Mangatarem, Pangasinan and the established of 4 units of screen house for San Quintin and San Manuel, Pangasinan, Sto. Domingo, Ilocos Sur and San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte.