MFO 2.1 Production Support and Services (PSS)

The Department of Agriculture - Regional Field Office I through the Organic Agriculture Program, continuously promoting and implementing the Republic Act 10068 or otherwise known as Organic Agriculture Act of 2010 by giving an interventions and supports to the organic practitioners and to those who are willing to engage in organic farming. This year, the program provided twenty thousand (20,000) liters of molasses with a total of 1,204 individual beneficiaries. Likewise, DA – RFO I maintained two (2) production facilities located at Ilocos Norte Research and Experiment Center (INREC), Dingras, Ilocos Norte and Pangasinan Research Experiment Center (PREC) Sual, Pangasinan and one (1) production facility upgraded located at PREC, Sta. Barbara, Pangasinan.

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MFO 2.1 Production Support Services

Delivery and distribution of organic interventions is continuous as support to our organic practitioners in region 1. We have distributed two thousand four hundred (2,400) kilograms or 96 bags of Open pollinated variety (OPV) corn seeds and two thousand (2,000) kilograms or 50 bags of red rice seeds with 296 female-beneficiaries and 444 male-beneficiaries. For cassava cuttings (planting materials), we have distributed twenty thousand (20,000) cuttings exceeded from our targets of fifteen thousand (15,000) cuttings from Pangasinan Research and Experiment Center (PREC) – Sual Station, Pangasinan with 6 female-beneficiaries.

For organic livestock production, we have awarded two hundred (200) heads for 13 farmers associations and awarded five hundred sixty (560) heads with 29 farmers group benefitted. Fertilizers and other soil ameliorants were distributed to individual and farmers group. The Organic Agriculture Staff distributed seventy thousand (70,000) kilograms or 1,400 bags of vermicompost, one thousand (1,000) kilograms of African Night Crawlers (ANC), and thirty thousand (30,000) kilograms of molasses for 34 farmers’ group. Further, six (6) bee colonies were awarded to group of farmer beneficiaries out of the four (4) colonies we have targeted this year due to savings from the procurement. There were 750 female-beneficiaries and 1,125 male-beneficiaries provided with these services.

Other production facilities were maintained such as Organic Agriculture Research and Development Center based at Pangasinan Research and Experiment Center-Sual, Pangasinan and Regional Crop Protection Center.